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Geograma, located in Spain, is formed by a group of enterprises specializing in GeoInformation. GeoInformation encompasses any type of data with a geographic or spatial component.

From satellite imagery to georeferenced panoramas, to mapping, socioeconomic or pedestrian flow data, city maps, asset inventories, historic or real time traffic information and customer and market data. The wide range of available GeoInformation, nowadays, allow to optimize the management processes and support decision-making in the public administration and private sector.

Since 1998, Geograma offers specialized field data collecting, maps treatment and management of geo-information and deliver customized solutions to industries as diverse as mobile telephony, banking, municipalities or engineering.

Continuous updates and improvements on geographic management tools, permanent geospatial changes in municipalities and the immediate need to manage and dimension in a more effective way all those changes have driven the search for new technologies that allow easy, effective and sustainable management of geographic information.

Result of this, innovate Mobile Mapping technologies of massive data acquisition; represent a revolution and modernization on territorial data management. It is the new face on display, measure and inventory data information, always, from panoramic images treatment.


GM2 Solutions, based on Mobile Mapping technology, is not only a synonymous of a fast capturing process; besides, symbolize accurate geospatial data and multi-modular applications in a friendly environment.

The 360º panoramic images, let you display a complete municipality, taking linear or area measurements, creating inventories of objects, adding other external source map or documentation and exporting outputs to your work space.

GeoMobile Mapping or its acronym GM2, is the range of solutions "turnkey", that allow a complete management of the territory by means of 360 degree panoramic images, always from your office.


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Base cartography, from 1:200 to 1:1000000. Cartography is a key tool for good land management. Geographic databases require rigorous processing in order to ensure the quality of future jobs that will be supported by them. The expression: "cartography is the infrastructure of infrastructures" gives an idea of the importance of cartography in the development of society.

We generate information using new digitalisation techniques, topography, photogrammetry or incorporated from various sources. We have a strong team of highly experienced cartographic experts, who carry out geographic information processing to a very high standard of quality and accuracy.

Besides generation and supply, we offer a wide range of specialised services related to the processing of geographic information.

  • Transformation of coordinates, reprojections, etc.
  • Conversion of formats [DXF, DWG, DGN, SHAPE, ArcView, ArcGis geodatabase, Access GeoMedia, Sql Server, Oracle Spatial]
  • Standardisation and mapping cleanup
  • Conversion of data: processing and map production on various platforms and scales
  • Restoration, orthophotography and teledetection
  • Mapping control, optimisation for GIS tools
  • Table checking, codification control, topographic confirmation
  • Integration / update of vectorial mapping / raster
  • Paper guides and maps
  • Rasterisation and vectorisation (digitalisation)


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 Mobile Mapping: “The technology that uses a vehicle equipped with cameras and/or scanners that are recording all geospatial data belonging to a street, reailway or highway, by means of 360º panoramic images”  

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