Geospatial Intelligence For

Engineering And

Modernize Your Working Methodologies

The AEC market has not changed significantly in the last 15 years, however organizations are looking forward to integrating sustainability and assisting with climate change. In order to reduce the overall energy consumption, they need urgently a foundation enabled by digitalization and Geospatial Intelligence.


Reduce Uncertainities In Difficult Projects

Rehabilitation project of a centenary building with timber structure.

Performing architectural BIM modeling to design the renovation. Offering 3D modeling services, and BIM using the latest technology.


Develop Your Projects With Guarantees

Petritegi DWTP Expansion Project for AGASA

Providing complete, reliable and updated information on the current status of the facility to improve the refurbishment.

3D Scanning

2D Plan Drawing

Architectural BIM modeling LOD200 and LOD300.

MEP modeling of installations

As An Architect, You Have To Work
Smarter, To Deliver Faster

Your space management, quantity take-off, maps or plans are probably coming from…


Creating a bottle neck and slowing the progress of the Project


Lacking indoor or outdoor perspective


Inaccurate metrics from Land Registers that are not updated


Not recognizing the  cuantitative information

Enable Architects To Accurately Restyle Their Spaces And Accelerate Workflows

Work remotely, with projects even abroad!

Offer competitive prices 


Avoid reworks

Get precise and accurate metrics


Save time avoiding unnecessary travels

Differenciate against competitors

Deliver completed projects faster


Reduce operational costs

Ensure safety when Access is limited

Refurbish And Restyle Your
Buildings With Geospatial Intelligence

Leverage Technology to measure and visualize your projects. Get the most accurate and fastest current state of the builing.

2D CAD drawings

3D Model

BIM modeling

MEP modeling

2D CAD drawings

3D Model

BIM modeling

MEP modeling

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