GIS applications for OoH advertising

Geograma - Aplicaciones de los GIS para la publicidad OoH

The unstoppable advance of digitalisation means that we sometimes lose perspective and fail to realise the potential of more traditional options that have been reborn stronger than ever thanks to technology. This is the case of OoH advertising, which is experiencing a boom thanks to the inclusion of geolocalised data and Geographic Information Systems or […]

How do GIS help determine the best location for your advertising campaigns?

GEOGRAMA - How do GIS help determine the best location for your advertising campaigns

All types of companies, and especially those dedicated to advertising and marketing, are in constant search of the strategy that has the most impact and the most benefits for them. To achieve this, geographic intelligence makes the difference. This makes Geographic Information Systems or GIS an essential resource to achieve your goals. How do they contribute? We break […]

Analyze audience passing near by your billboard or store, using traffic density data

Add the traffic density variable of road networks in your location intelligence analysis (Location Intelligence) Get this indicator related to each road stretches and street network of TomTom TomTom Traffic Density TomTom Traffic Density provides unique insight on typical traffic volumes for the complete road network, for every hour and day of the week. The […]