Monitoring of Göteborg traffic based on FCD


How location intelligence supports traffic studies and allow us to improve its sustainable management?

Long time ago, in 1886, the businessman Karl Benz registered the first patent of his internal combustion car. Obviously, the vehicle was so expensive, that it was only accessible to the highest class of society.

Within the first decade of the XX century, thousands of kilometres away from Germany, in Detroit, Henry Ford disrupted the vehicle’s industry by introducing the production chain. These changes imposed a huge reduction in time needed to build a vehicle, from 12 hours to 93 minutes, as well as the reduction of its cost.

The democratization of the cars is so extended that nowadays there are more than 1,200 million cars. In principle this is an advance but, it also has a negative impact  on society. The main problems are: the time wasted in traffic jams and the pollution generated by the cars.

This is now becoming an increasing priority to make an effort to solve traffic problems, to improve the management of the transport, and to make it more efficient.

Göteborg, the origin of Volvo’s brand, is a small city in the south of Sweden, with more than 500,000 citizens, and with more than 250,000 vehicles. This is why it was important to know the issues or events happening in the urban area in real time, as well as to be able to analyse, from historic data, the daily traffic behaviour and the traffic flow as key factors of a sustainable mobility or smart mobility.


Geograma, as a strategic partner of TomTom since 2001, provides Floating Car Data (FCD). This data comes from the fusion and validation of billions of GPS positions, of personal navigation devices, commercial devices and other sources, anonymized and aggregated by TomTom to generate real time traffic information: incidences, average speed and mobility flows in the streets.


With the aim of improving it’s urban mobility, the city hall of Göteborg, through its traffic department, entrusted Terratec/Geograma to deliver a web application for traffic control in Göteborg. The application was based on FCD that was able to quantify and study the traffic flows in the city.

Greenhouse Gases contribution

hours lost person / year in traffic jams

premature deaths per year due to contamination in Spain


The main challenge was to manage to make the user to trust the data, as well as migrating and integrating this new source of Floating Car Data in the daily work of the department.

The key was to create and design a web application that is agile and efficient, to provide the client with valuable information, to generate queries and get a report and to support the strategic decisions of mobility.


We designed and developed a web application, specifically thought to provide the best user experience (UX/UI), served as Software as a Service (Saas).

The solution provided the following functionality:

     ·Monitoring of the urban mobility: it allows to query the traffic status in real time
     ·Traffic and safety reports: it shows information about speed, and historical travel times, taken from TomTom data sources, which are used to carry out predictive analysis and corrected measures.
     ·Traffic reports repository: analysis and studies are savedenabling the users to compare previous reports.
     ·Report preview: it allows the comparison of reports in just one window, with four synchronized maps.

Thanks to the quality and quantity of the source data, the solution provides reliable and high value information, that allows to improve the sustainable management of the traffic.


The Access to the FCD in real time and historic, allows the Department of Traffic of the City Hall of Göteborg, to combine this new source with data coming from the traditional data stations and to improve any decisions that need to be taken.

As a result of this project, the reality of sustainable management of traffic is nowadays closer.



Working with Geograma contributed very positively in the final product. The mixture of the different profiles (programmers, analysts, designers, …) and their involvement contributed very positively to the result being successful.

Bodil Sundberg – Project & Marketing Manager at Terratec


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