The "where" factor is key in the marketing strategy

Finding opportunities


Geomarketing in GIS projects uses the spatial component intrinsically contained in corporate and market data, to support intelligent and effective business decision making.

The analysis and visualization of corporate data allows you to detect relationships and trends that would otherwise go unnoticed.

What we offer?

We are experts in the development of geographic solutions, based on GIS and Location Intelligence technology, oriented to the exploitation of geolocated data aimed at supporting marketing decisions.

80% of a company's data can be located in the territory

For example, all the addresses of our clients or of our offices/points of sale, or of the competition.

Needs we cover

The solutions we offer range from the geocoding of postal addresses, to the location of clients incorporating sociodemographic variables or as a segmentation tool to be incorporated in market analysis, with the following benefits:

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Our Clients

We offer services in a delocalized way, having experience in different European and South American countries. In the field of Smart Cities, our main clients are the following: