Location Intelligence applied to Industry 4.0

Smart Factories

Industry 4.0 and logistics

Industry 4.0, Advanced Industry or Smart Manufacturing is the new paradigm that brings together the functionalities of the latest technological advances aimed at improving production processes in the industrial sector. The ultimate goal is to achieve better products, greater customization and lower manufacturing costs.

What we offer?

We are experts in the development of geographic solutions, based on GIS and Location Intelligence technology, that act as a lever for the digital transformation of the industrial sector.

All about Industry 4.0 and GIS

Geographical intelligence to make your factory smart

Who is it for?

We help industrial companies that want to improve their processes, adding geographic intelligence.

We monitor the “position” of objects and people (sensors or fixed / mobile devices) in open (outdoor) and closed environments (Indoor Mapping – indoor maps) and we exploit other data: temperature, volume, humidity, mass, etc. to transform them into knowledge.

The solutions we offer cover the following needs:

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