Indoor Mapping retail

GEO component of indoor location and digitization solutions

Retail Sector

Geoinformation for Retail

Indoor location intelligence (Indoor mapping or Indoor Location Intelligence) introduces the GEO component of location and digitization solutions, in indoor spaces such as retail chains, hotels, shopping centers, public infrastructures or airports, and crosses them with other data to be used in making strategic decisions.

Location Intelligence Retail

What we offer?

We are experts in the development of geographic solutions, based on GIS and Location Intelligence technology, providing all the analytical power needed for the intelligent management of both indoor and outdoor physical spaces.

Our services for Indoor Mapping Retail

Everything we can contribute so that your establishment enjoys optimized management.

Who is it for?

Retail chains, hotels, shopping centers, public infrastructures or airports.

The location data generated from WiFi networks, beacons, apps, etc., maximize efficiency, answering questions related to prices, opening hours and operations.

Indoor Mapping Retail

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Our Clients

We offer services focused in a delocalized way, having experiences in different European and South American countries. Our main clients in Indoor Location Intelligence are Gennion Solutions and Ushuaia Ibiza.