Geospatial Intelligence For

Industrial Factories

How Can You Apply Digital Twins & GIS

It’s Time To Transform And Digitalize Your Factory

The industrial sector has undergone several technological breakthroughs over the last decade, however organizations are looking forward to adapt to new developments, improve asset cost-efficiency, operational workflows and productivity by applying GIS in digital twins.

Gartner says that industrial leaders plan to incorporate digital twins into their operations by 2028

How Can You Apply Digital Twins & GIS

Adapt Your Plant To Changing Production Requirements

By 2023, the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) expects to reach 250,000 electric vehicles through a new sustainable mobility regulation.
Factories need to incorporate new machinery and make adjustments in their production lines. Geospatial Intelligence will help them transform their factories effortlessly and in a cost efficient way.


Avoiding Failures In The Production Line Minimizing Risks By 90%

In production environments, there are many constraints, such as space and time restrictions. By implementing indoor mapping tools, you can reduce the risk of operational errors, improve working conditions, and increase the availability and health of assets.


Identify The Causes Of Failure By Up To 20%

In a successful company, algorithms are the key players. They form the basis of decision-making. Nevertheless, machine learning algorithms aren’t robust and make mistakes. The use of 3D scanning and modeling can contribute to operational excellence by providing certainty and detecting non-quality aspects more effectively.

3D Scanning

2D Plan Drawing

Architectural BIM modeling LOD200 and LOD300.

MEP modeling of installations

What Challenges Does The Industry Face

Supply Chain Leaders Must Create A Safer, More Sustainable Future

Delays in

Locating equipment delays maintenance


When opening a new assembly line or upgrading a plant


Lacking updated plant or the factory plan



Is Not Unified

Not including secondary information from pipelines, to electricity access


To map out industrial equipment in the factory


Unable To
Visualize Space

When setting up a whole factory from scratch



How Digital Twin Envisions Your Industrial Productions On Another Level

Model and route map of the plant in 3D

Find out which equipment and parts need maintenance

Make the measurements you need remotely

Visualize your plant or factory remotely

Pipelines, electrical access, and other secondary data in one view.

Provide a quick solution given the plant’s size and restriction

Optimize Industrial Workflows with Geospatial Intelligence

The industry is immersed in this digital revolution. Enhance production management with technology and have a global perspective.

2D CAD drawings

3D Model

BIM modeling

MEP modeling

2D CAD drawings

3D Model

BIM modeling

MEP modeling

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