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As a company specialized in GIS, we have extensive experience in the development of viewers that show and handle a large amount of information, so we could contribute all our experience to this project.

Even so, the ambition and innovative character of the project posed a great challenge. They were not looking for another viewer. The aim was to go one-step further and create a differential viewer that would add value to the end user (both for the citizens of Bilbao and for visitors).

Offering an intuitive, agile and easy-to-use product with such a broad end public had to have very careful information architecture and a particularly user-centered design. These along with performance were key factors in the success of the product.


The solution developed to cover for the objectives set by different audiences was based on the following motto: Ease of use. Despite having to handle a large amount of information, ease of use above all.

The viewer, initially a web tool, shows layers of information that can be information addressed to both users who visit Bilbao sporadically, and for the residents themselves. This information is represented by layers, allowing the user to show or hide the groups of information.

In addition to showing different types of information (ranging from the street map, or bike rental points, to acoustic maps of the city), the viewer has different tools, such as:

Both from Geograma and from Cimubisa or the Bilbao City Council itself, it is considered that the success of a viewer of these characteristics is in bringing information to users that cannot be accessed from other types of tools in a simple way.

Offering a complete radiographic view of the city including everything from means of transport, commercial premises to environmental information or maps with acoustic or radio electric levels in a single web application can be considered a success in itself.