Göterborg traffic monitoring based on CDF

Effects of road traffic
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Greenhouse Gas Contribution
Hours lost person/year in traffic jams
Premature Deaths per Year due to Pollution in Spain


The main challenge of this project was to get users to trust the reliability of the data, in addition to integrating this new data source based on a floating vehicle (FCD, Floating Car Data) into the Department’s daily work.

The key was also to create and design an agile and efficient web application that would provide the client with valuable information through which they could generate queries and obtain reports to support strategic mobility decisions.


A web application was designed and developed specifically designed to offer the best user experience (UX/UI), provided in the manner of Software as a Service (SaaS).

The solution offered the following functionality:

Having both real-time and historical FCD information has allowed the Göteborg City Council’s Traffic Department to combine this new source with data from its traditional Data Collection Stations (DCSs) to improve decision-making.

Achieving sustainable management, both environmentally and socially, is a much closer reality thanks to the achievement of the project.