Basauri cadastral management system (GCA 2.0)

Updating and improvement of the municipal cadastre processes

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The Basauri City Council has delegated the management of the municipality’s cadastre, so it needed a solution that would allow it to be administered and that would comply with these premises:

  • It has to reflect the reality of the municipality, for which it had a GIS and a spatial database management system.
  • It must simplify cadastral operations, an objective achieved by automating the management of files.
  • It must be integrated with the management system of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia. This was achieved by defining asynchronous send and receive gateways.

As time went by, although the system worked correctly, the basic technology on which it was developed became obsolete and was no longer supported by the manufacturers.

This generated technology-based problems and incompatibilities between the different components of the system that had to be resolved as soon as possible.


We develop and implement a new solution in Basauri’s municipal IT systems that allows the management of the cadastre.

The project includes two products:

The result of this application has allowed:

  • Increase the collection of the Real Estate Tax.
  • Reduce the time of incorporation of the registration of fiscal units to the registry, improving the liquidation processes.
  • The optimization of the human resources necessary to support the cadastral management.