Sanitation inventory in Siero

Preparation of the inventory of municipal networks and the development and implementation of a geographic information system (GIS).

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Sanitation Network with Mobile Mapping

The Siero City Council, in order to modernize the current management of the sanitation networks, relied on Geograma for the preparation of the inventory of the municipal networks and the development and implementation of a geographic information system (GIS).

Once the project has been defined and designed, the inventory data collection has begun. To this end, the company Geograma, a pioneer in the use of Mobile Mapping technology in Spain, is using this technique to photograph and 3D scan the streets and roads of Siero. With thousands of 360º photos and millions of scanned points, the visible elements of the sanitation inventory will be positioned and then carried out on-site inspection.


A vehicle equipped with positioning sensors, photo cameras and a 3D scanner will tour the municipality capturing all the necessary details to make a professional Street View.

Municipal technicians will have the Orbit tool to carry out inspections and measurements with topographic precision of any corner of Siero, without the need for costly travel, improving municipal management and maximizing the level of safety in their work. Measuring the height of a cornice or the vertical surface of a facade will be done with a couple of clicks from the office.

Other municipalities such as San Sebastian, Seville and A Coruña use this technology to improve municipal management.

With this project, the Siero City Council will make the use of advanced technological tools for the management of infrastructures and services economically accessible, and will improve the sanitation management of the council, making the available human resources profitable.

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