Cartography and traffic data of TomTom in Madrid City Council

Descripción del proyecto

IAM – IT Department of Madrid City Council

The IT Department of Madrid Municipality has a corporate GIS environment, developed on ESRI Technology. From such environment has been developed several sub-systems and apps that require cartography and  traffic indicators for creating route calculations.

With the aim to solve the cartography needs, from Geograma is being delivered over 5 years, the TomTom base map ( MultiNet Product). Anyway, the new technological needs of the Collective Taxi in Madrid, for which IT Department develops services, make necessary the use of real time and historical traffic information for routing optimization and deliver the route output towards 2 mobility environments:

  • Taxi devices, Android APP that receives the route outputs via tiled image.
  • APP for citizen, downloadable from Google Play and used to estimate travel times and cost of the race, alternative routes, etcetera.

The project realized by Geograma includes the access and delivery of TomTom cartography, MultiNet, the supply of historic traffic data from the product called Speed Profiles and real traffic information by the use of TomTom Traffic Bulk Feed, from which is located all congestions, displayed average speed and travel times in real time.