Technical and strategic consulting

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Consultants with more than two years of experience and a solid training

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Consultants with more than five years of experience

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Consultants with more than ten years of experience

GIS and Location Intelligence for consulting firms


Strategic, technological, data and process consulting for Geographic Information Systems.

Technical assistance to the client, internal or external, from professionals specialized in the areas of geographic processes and development of geographic applications.

Geograma puts at your disposal a variety of professional services with the necessary technical qualification and with the aim of achieving the improvements and technological evolution desired by customers.

Definition of corporate strategy regarding the geographic information system

Technical assistance for the development of geographic applications

Geographical process automation

Technical assistance for cartography maintenance

Map delineation and editing services

Development and integration of corporate systems

Our solutions for consulting firms

Improving consulting services with the use of our applications and geographic data

What are we experts in?

Knowledge Areas

We have extensive experience in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in ESRI, QGIS, Geomedia, GvSIG, CAD Autodesk, Point Clouds and Mobile Mapping, Extract, Transform and Load Systems (ETL) like FME or Hale, Spatial Databases (Oracle, PostGIS, SQLServer), Java, JavaScript, Microsoft .NET, IDE (Spatial Data Infrastructure), Cartography, INSPIRE, UML, and OrbitGT.