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Geographic data integration

Integrating spatial information is essential so that we can take advantage of all the value it contains. Having integrated geographic data is the first step to be able to carry out an in-depth analysis and detect trends, as well as opportunities for improvement.

In addition, once completed, it makes their classification and sharing and collaborative work much easier thanks to its homogenization. We remove barriers for the common good of society.


Detection of trends and new opportunities


Standardize spatial information


Promote collaborative work with other entities

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What are we experts in?

Knowledge Areas

We have extensive experience in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in ESRI, QGIS, Geomedia, GvSIG, CAD Autodesk, Point Clouds, and Mobile Mapping, Extract, Transform and Load Systems (ETL) like FME or Hale, Spatial Databases (Oracle, PostGIS, SQLServer), Java, JavaScript, Microsoft .NET, IDE (Spatial Data Infrastructure), Cartography, INSPIRE, UML, and OrbitGT.