GIS and geographic data for the development of Smart Cities

Reaching the city of the future

Defining the Smart City with geoinformation

Cities are dynamic and therefore generate large amounts of data. The intelligent use of this data, hand in hand with information and communication technologies, allows us to face present and future challenges.

Smart Cities take advantage of the full potential of technological advances to save costs by being more efficient: they provide new economic and social services, reduce their environmental footprint, stimulate local innovation and move towards new forms of government.

What we offer?

We are experts in the development of geographic solutions, based on GIS and Location Intelligence technology, to improve the efficiency and sustainability of cities, in the fields of environment (water and waste), energy, mobility, security, etc.

Our services for smart cities

Geograma services are 100% applicable to urban environments, so that Public Administrations can be much more efficient and transparent in their management

Who is it for?

Information Technology Departments of the local administration and Municipal Public Information Technology Companies.

The challenge of the local administration is to offer efficient public services, close to the citizen, facilitating their use and offering transparency in all their management.

Currently, inertia is working departmentally (information silos) and in alphanumeric mode, without exploiting the visual variable.

The local administration manages territory, therefore, analyzing the “where” factor is key in its digital transformation towards a smart city.

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Success story: Geobilbao

With this geographic viewer developed by Geograma, the city of Bilbao took a giant step forward in its evolution to Smart City

They trust Geograma

Our Clients

We offer services in a delocalized way, having experience in different European and South American countries. In the field of Smart Cities, our main clients are the following: