Improved planning, construction and management of urban infrastructures and services

Digital maps to improve

Management of Urban Services and Infrastructures

We offer support and services of maps and geoinformation in public works and departments that manage urban services and infrastructures.

We ensure data quality, help inventory services, and speed up maintenance. We improve visualization, communication and coordination with other departments, companies and citizens using digital maps, from the engineering department to strategic and political decisions.

Success story: road inventory in Malta

More than 130 Km of complete road survey in Malta with mobile mapping technology

How we support the digital transformation in urban services and infrastructures

Use cases in the management of urban services and infrastructures

Digital maps improve network planning, asset management and regulatory compliance, field elements management, and customer communication.

The response to emergencies and service interruptions are better coordinated with geographic dashboards, where the location of the affected elements and their distance from the aid or maintenance teams are visualized.


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