Effective and sustainable management of the environment

Sustainable development

Shaping environmentally friendly environments

The effective and sustainable management of the environment can be considered the great challenge of these decades. From large companies to citizens through public administrations, they have focused on environmental awareness and innovation as the basis for achieving sustainable and responsible development.

What we offer?

We are experts in the development of geographic solutions, based on GIS and Location Intelligence technology, aimed at effective and sustainable management of the environment.

What can we do to take care of our planet?

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Who is it for?

Sustainability and concern for the environment is a matter that concerns us all, and it is in our hands to achieve sustainable and responsible development.

Our solutions are therefore aimed at both public and private companies in the field of environmental management that are seeking the optimization provided by GIS solutions.

Needs we cover

The solutions we offer range from the control of invasive species, to the management of forest fires, the management of marine residues, the dissemination of environmental information, developments related to the Copernicus space program, or the application of GIS methodology for the valorization of agri-food products.

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Our Clients

We offer services in a delocalized way, having experience in different European and South American countries. Our main clients that have adopted the GIS methodology in environmental projects are the European Environment Agency (EEA), EEIKO or GIS Waste.