Using Location Intelligence to drive Real Estate market analysis


November 18th at 12:00 CET

Vicente de la Cruz

Vicente de la Cruz

Business Developer Manager - Geograma

Lucienne Rutherford

Lucienne Rutherford

Sales Director, Northern Europe & APAC - Carto

Elena Rivas Ruzafa

Elena Rivas Ruzafa

Head of Data Science - JLL

What is this Webinar about?

In this webinar, we will explore how Real Estates firms, funds & consultants can drive their Real Estate Market Analysis to new levels through Location Intelligence, considering the why behind the where.

Using new types of location data to understand citizens behaviour in the “real-world” is critical when it comes to generating Real Estate Insights. We will discuss a number of the most valuable Real Estate uses cases along with some real-world examples including:

Investment analysis

Why using spatial variables in it will help you to quickly identify relevant investment opportunities.

Site planning

How this will help you understand catchment & trade areas for end customers.

Indoor mapping

How this makes it easier for Real Estate developers to optimize layouts and maximize efficiency, answering pressing business questions.

Data monetization

Why is it crucial for Chief Data Officers in Real Estate now looking for external monetization opportunities.

Why should you watch it?

No matter how familiarized you are with the concept of Location Intelligence, this webinar will show you how this technology will change the performance of your Real Estate business. Some of the key factors that you can´t miss are: 

Using Location Intelligence to drive Real Estate Market Analysis


Block 1: Real Estate situation (Before Covid / After Covid)

Block 2: Several Use Cases to apply Location Intelligence into Real Estate Market Analysis

Block 3: JLL Customer Story: Using Location in Real Estate Market Analysis Applications

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Vicente de la Cruz

Director of Business Development at Geograma

More than 21 years in the market, with experience in geolocation services.

Commercial manager in Geograma for the incorporation of the geospatial component in companies and public entities, with the aim of improving their business processes

Lucienne Rutherford

Sales Director at CARTO

Lucienne is a multilingual professional with sales and research experience, she currently works in the Location Intelligence space at CARTO as Sales Director in Northern Europe & APAC.

Elena Rivas

Head of Data Science at JLL

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