Especialista senior en topografía

Senior Surveying Specialist for boundary delimitation, mapping and inventory projects

Objective of the post

To form part of Geograma’s topography team, to carry out topographic field and office work related to boundary delimitation projects, cartography and inventories, mainly located in the Historical Territory of Gipuzkoa.

Training / Qualifications

T. Engineer in Topography, Degree in Geomatics and Topography or equivalent qualification for projects related to topography, boundaries, cartography and inventories.


  1. Execution of field work with surveying equipment
  2. Processing, analysis and editing of the information captured, in order to obtain the final result according to the quality standards set.
  3. Interpret technical documentation provided by the project analysts, complying with the methodology established by Geograma.
  4. Quality assurance in assigned field and desk tasks
  5. Knowledge, maintenance and documentation of work equipment and methods in the field.
  6. Participate proactively in the continuous improvement of field processes, as well as in the management and maintenance of the equipment used.


  • Execution of topographic field work (surveys, staking out, demarcations and revisions) as well as office tasks related to the editing and calculation of the captured information, in topographic and cartographic works.
  • Execution of field work of asset inventories and infrastructure networks, as well as editing-related desk work.
  • Knowledge of topographic networks (bases, support points, levelling), base topography (survey, revision and editing) and site topography (staking out, cubing and site control).
  • Knowledge of surveying equipment used in the field (GPS, total station, laser scanner).
  • Knowledge of topographic calculation tools (Leica Infinity, MDT and Topcal).
  • Knowledge of CAD tools (AutoCAD Map), GIS (QGIS) and databases (Microsoft Access).
  • Ability to learn and pro-activity in the face of improvement 
  • Skills in laser scanner and mobile mapping field work would be an asset.


  • Responsibility.
  • Commitment.
  • Continuous updating and curiosity.
  • Fluent communication (with clients, suppliers and team).
  • Creative problem solving.
  • Analysis and synthesis of the work.
  • Generate written documentation.
  • Initiative.


  • Basque (fluent spoken and written communication is essential. EGA or similar qualification desirable)
  • English (desirable)


Senior Profile: 5 years.

Contract and salary

Permanent contract (with a probationary period of 6 months).

Salary according to the candidate’s qualifications


Geograma is the leading topography and GIS services company in Spain, providing topographic and cartographic services, GIS application development services, GeoInformation projects, consultancy and technical assistance, Internet geographic services and GIS technology supply for the last 23 years.

Our clients rely on us for our pragmatic approach to project delivery and in particular for our capabilities in capturing, processing, handling and integrating information into geographic databases. 

We are looking for the best candidate to join a large and experienced team developing interesting projects in the field of surveying, mapping and asset inventories.

We offer flexible working hours, telecommuting and a creative environment in which to develop your career.

If you are interested in the job offer, please go to the following link form by ticking under Preferred Position the option “Field Specialist”. All applications that meet the profile will receive a reply. If you do not receive a reply, it is because your CV does not match the profile.