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GIS 360º

The value of digital maps

We help you have the correct information in the right place and at the necessary time so that the maps provide all their value for planning and modifying spaces, improving decision-making and asset management, monitoring and communicating efficiently, or managing risks.

At Geograma, we offer you GIS consulting services and we have the necessary technology to collect and integrate geodata and develop geographic solutions based on valuable information.


Strategic, technological, data, and process consulting for Geographic Information Systems.
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We supply and order geographic data with Mobile Mapping, GPS or Big Data technology.
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We model, create data flows, harmonize, edit and update maps.
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We develop and integrate geographic intelligence solutions, which improve data visualization and communication.
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Geographic Intelligence Experts

We offer services for the capture, treatment, and management of GeoInformation, development and GIS integration.

What sectors do we work in?

Knowledge Areas

One of the main characteristics of geographic information is its transversality. Almost all business activities, and those of public entities, can be optimized if they take into account the use of geodata with the right tools. Whatever is your professional environment, at Geograma we offer you the solution that best suits your needs.

Success stories

Resulting from more than 20 years of joint work with companies and Public Administrations

Applying digital map solutions

Discover how our clients have applied geographic intelligence

We bring you projects that we have carried out with companies and public administrations. In the following success stories, you will be able to see how geographic solutions can make a qualitative leap in managing various environments.


Geographical web viewer with useful information in different layers, both for the citizens of Bilbao and for its visitors.


Web application for road traffic management in Göteborg by collecting and analyzing the floating car data (FCD).


Solution that displays georeferenced information aimed at determining the location of cars, possible alarms or signaling elements.

Leading GIS services in Spain

About Geograma

Geograma began its journey in 1998. We are a provider of GIS services and digital maps. Disruptive technology, a realistic and practical approach, and closeness to our customers have earned us their trust throughout these more than 20 years.

Our values are excellence and professional rigor, respect, and innovation.

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"GIS solutions for all
possible scenarios"

Knowing in detail the environment of their activities is the first step for a company to achieve its objectives and for public managers to meet the demands of its citizens.

Whatever your field of action, geographic information has a substantial influence on it. For this reason, you must have the best solutions to exploit all its value. In Geograma, we have the solutions you need.

Our Certifications

Quality is one of our hallmarks. The renewal of our ISO certificates proves it. Here are some that are essential to offer GIS guarantee services

ISO 9001

Quality management system certificate

ISO 27001

Information Security management certificate

ISO 45001

Health & Safety management system certificate

ISO 14001

Environmental management system certificate


If you want to have some of our services, contact us and we will advise you in order to give you the best solution.

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