FrontEnd Developers. Engineers with React, Vue and/or Angular experience

Geograma is looking for people who want to change the world and are willing to invent ways to do it.

We are looking for Frontend development engineers with experience in React, Vue and/or Angular to reinforce our Frontend development team.

We develop web applications based on GIS & Location Intelligence technology. In short, we work with maps and geolocation. You will have seen how important they have been in this pandemic, saving lives.

We specialise in public administration: Security, Defence, Emergencies, Environment and Territorial Planning, Water, Technology, and in the private sector: Telco, Utilities, Industry, Logistics, Ports, Retail, Banking, Insurance, Real Estate, Valuation Companies, Marketing and Advertising.

Training / Qualifications

Higher vocational training or degree in Computer Science, or similar.


  1. Build the SW artefacts linked to the SW requirements.
  2. Apply internal and external (clients) standards defined for the team (style guides, versioning, etc.) during development.
  3. Ensuring the quality of the code. Execution of test plans.
  4. Work in coordination with other developers to receive or provide the necessary support to accomplish tasks.
  5. Fulfil the deadlines to which you commit yourself.
  6. Knowing the state of the art of the latest technologies (especially web development and GIS technologies)  and proposing their progressive adoption as part of the continuous improvement process.
  7. Complete all technical documentation associated with SW developments (operating manual, user manual, specifications, etc.).


  • Minimum experience: Frontend: React, Vue and/or Angular
  • Desirable:  Frontend  (Redux, JavaScript, TypeScript, SASS), GIS knowledge (Map libraries: OpenLayers, MapBox, Leaflet, and Testing frontend (Jest / Cypress).
  • Willingness to communicate and work in a team, but at the same time be able to manage with autonomy and initiative.
  • Problem-solving skills.


  • Curiosity to acquire the knowledge and skills to understand any underlying technology in which you need to write code.
  • Clear thinking. It is an exercise in logic. An excellent mathematical background is required.
  • Read and understand quickly. Speed in reading and understanding information is vital to the productivity of any programmer.
  • Attention to detail. A programmer who does not pay attention to details mainly in the process of writing code is highly unproductive. The lack of this ability is reflected in those who write messy, uncommented code and fail to implement adequate security measures to ensure the integrity of the software.
  • Ability to learn from business. A programmer must acquire knowledge in the areas he/she deals with on the job.
  • Passion. The best programmers breathe code 24 hours a day. It is this “passion” that allows us to apply tricks and find creative solutions to complex problems.
    Adaptability. It is very difficult for a software project to end up with the same specifications that were outlined at the beginning of the project. Things change and so do big projects. A programmer must know how to adapt to change. Programmers who do not adapt fail.
  • Effective communication. It is necessary for a programmer to have the ability to communicate ideas clearly and accurately. Programmers who do NOT get their ideas understood mainly by non-technical people tend to have difficulties.
  • Explore code. A quick and efficient way to increase your programming skills is through exploring code written by others. Some of the world’s best programmers collaborate on Open Source projects. Get involved and learn from the gurues


  • English (advanced desirable; minimum intermediate)


3 years or more.

What do we offer?

Belong to an experienced company. We have been in the market for 23 years, but with a young team of professionals qualified in geographic intelligence, motivated and capable of adapting to customers and changes. And with values:

  • Excellence and professional rigour. We carry out our work with enthusiasm and performance, following criteria of independence and professional integrity, attending to the smallest details with harmony, good taste and elegance, in order to strengthen Geograma’s brand and recognition.
  • Respect for the people who interact with Geograma. We treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves. We work honestly, creating a good working environment, working as a team, trusting, polite, courteous, friendly and grateful. We encourage communication, separating people from problems.
  • Innovation. We use knowledge flexibly, applying creativity and imagination to our own and others’ experience, without fear of rejection, accepting, reading and listening to what others propose, write and say with curiosity. “It has always been done this way” will never be a reason. All this so that the actions are translated into competitive advantages in the market.

Career plan and continuous training in different areas adapted to your needs to help you develop your professional growth and development.

Flexible working hours  and work/life balance. Possibility of  a continuous working day.

Work on innovative projects, using the latest web and data technologies (TomTom, Telco, etc.), for national and international clients.

Salary commensurate with the candidate’s qualifications. Knowledge + Skills + Attitude.


Geograma is the leading GIS services company in Spain, providing topographic and cartographic services, GIS application development services, GeoInformation projects, consultancy and technical assistance, Internet geographic services and GIS technology supply for the last 23 years.

Our clients rely on us for our pragmatic approach to project delivery and in particular for our capabilities in capturing, processing, handling and integrating information into geographic databases.

We are looking for the best candidate to join a large and experienced team developing interesting projects in the field of surveying, mapping and asset inventories.

We offer flexible working hours, telecommuting and a creative environment in which to develop your career.

If you are interested in the job offer, please fill in the following form and tick the “Developer” option under Preferred Position. All applications that meet the profile will receive a reply. If you do not receive a reply, it is because your CV does not match the profile.