Analyze audience passing near by your billboard or store, using traffic density data

  • Add the traffic density variable of road networks in your location intelligence analysis (Location Intelligence)
  • Get this indicator related to each road stretches and street network of TomTom

TomTom Traffic Density TomTom Traffic Density provides unique insight on typical traffic volumes for the complete road network, for every hour and day of the week. The product enables the comparison of road elements within an area of interest and helps identify traffic dense locations and hot spots

What is the product about?

  • Customers will get insight on typical number of probes per road element, per direction of traffic, for every hour, for each day of the week (based on our TomTom probe data, averaged for the past 6-12 months). More specifically we will provide:
    • Typical number of probes per hour
    • Typical number of probes per day
    • Typical number of probes per week
  • Traffic Density will be delivered up to twice per year
  • It is a standalone product in a csv format, primarily linked to MultiNet and MultiNet-R maps
  • Coverage: 55 countries. For all Functional Road Classes (complete road network)


How the product looks like?

TomTom Density - example

What questions does it answer?

  • Major Question: which roads are used more, compared to other roads within a city/area?
  • Sub questions:
    • Where should I build my next retail store?
    • Where competitor’s retail store is located?
    • Where should I locate my billboard?
    • What will be the impact if I close this road for roadwork?
    • Where are potential accident hot spots?
    • What is the total volume of probe data in highways in Spain (in combination with other products)?
    • Get insight on typical number of probes per road element, per direction of traffic, for every hour, for each day of the week, for each country or region.
    • Estimate total volume of traffic for the complete road network

Who is it for?

TomTom Traffic Density can be used to support business intelligence and geo-marketing activities for a range of industries, including Advertising, Banking, Retail, Site Planning management for shopping and points of sale.

What are the benefits of the product?

Delivers the most complete view (including both traffic direction), realistic and up-to-date of traffic density on the road network.

Geograma is an Authorized TomTom Partner and a Worldwide expert in the distribution and integration of Traffic Content

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