Geograma en BIND 4.0

Geograma at BIND 4.0 Demo Day: discovering the technologies most used by industry leaders in their digital transformation

Recently, a representation of Geograma attended and participated in the BIND 4.0 Demo Day event in Bilbao. An occasion that we did not miss to get up to date with the reality of the industry and highlight everything we can do for the digitisation of the sector. Will you join us?

The Bind 4.0 Demo Day hosted more than 25 innovative startups, which presented some of the most interesting projects thanks to their collaboration with BIND 4.0 partner companies.

BIND 4.0 is an initiative that brings together startups with more than 80 collaborating companies that are benchmarks within the Basque industrial fabric, to launch innovative projects within the framework of Industry 4.0.

Our colleagues Pablo and Izaskun were very attentive to everything that happened during the day and have brought us a brief summary of everything that took place.

First of all, it should be noted that this day was a unique opportunity to:

  • Discover first-hand the technologies most used by industry leaders in their digital transformation.
  • To learn about the results of the more than 30 success stories developed within the framework of Industry 4.0 over the last few months.
  • Establish direct contact with BIND 4.0 startups and learn about their latest technological solutions developed with partner companies.
  • Find out which Industry 4.0 solutions are being implemented by large partner companies.
  • Establish successful partnerships and achieve real market impact.
  • Join the innovation ecosystem and connect with key industrial and technological players.

BIND 4.0 Demo Day has highlighted a situation that reflects the fact that large companies in the Basque industrial sector are on the hunt for new talent and opportunities where, through a combination of innovation, talent and creativity, both plant and product solutions can be achieved.

We are at a time when raw materials have a very high cost and sustainability is a key factor when we think about the future of all these large companies. The search for the reuse of materials and the search for a second life for our environments and machinery, extending their useful life, is essential.

A situation to which Geograma can contribute through its technology and solutions, such as indoor industrial mapping and 3D scanning, which provide detailed knowledge of the reality of the plant and its operations, facilitating the planning of improvement actions in its spaces and production lines.

If you’re up for it, you can see first-hand real-life use cases of all this in this free on-demand webinar.

For our part, we would like to thank the organisation and the participants for making such an enriching experience enjoyable and for laying the foundation stone for future exciting projects that we hope to be able to tell you about soon.