GEOGRAMA-Industrial Indoor mapping Asset monitoring Solutions

Industrial Indoor mapping: Asset monitoring Solutions

The industry, thanks to the digital transformation of the sector, is getting “smarting”. This situation creates the need for visual intelligence that allows you to locate the data from said digitization on a map. In the same way that maps (outdoor) and geolocation add great value to a multitude of sectors, there are solutions that provide visual intelligence, through geolocation, to indoor industrial environments. Discover everything these offer to your factory.

The value of data in today’s industry 4.0

The world is immersed in a digital revolution, in which the human being advances towards coexistence with robots and computer systems. Everything you see around you is subject to digitization and interconnection on the internet (smartization).

Nowadays, we can communicate instantly, publish a photograph from our phone, have the internet, view a map with the evolution of time, etc. All this is done without difficulty thanks to the web and the sensors and servers that are hosted around the world.

The industry is also immersed in this digital revolution. More and more machines and devices have an Ethernet connection to communicate with other devices and work together.

It is estimated that in the next decade, industries around the world will have to adapt to this new digital revolution, generating more than 14 trillion dollars in the world economy.

Proof of this is that every day more companies have fiber optic rings to connect more devices, machines, computers, data servers, PLCs, printers, energy consumption sensors, process and quality variables sensors, work parts in real time, digital non-conformities, etc.

Data is continuously generated to be collected, stored and processed. All this data is managed by intelligent systems or applications that provide the user with the necessary information at all times and in real time.

For this reason, many industrial companies are installing these applications that exploit this data in their production lines and allow them to predict possible line stops or failures.

But each area or team uses a different program, so when intelligent data exploitation solutions begin to accumulate in a company (MES, Predictive Maintenance, etc.), problems begin to arise, so managing this large volume of Information starts to get complicated.

This causes the information obtained to begin to lose value. Therefore, companies need to have tools that allow them to have a global vision and management of their production.

GEOGRAMA - Industrial Indoor Mapping

Geolocation and management of industrial assets with Indoor Mapping

Within these data integrating tools, as Geograma we count with GEOINMAP. It is a digital platform that allows to view in real time the fixed and mobile sensors available (people, places and things: machines, parts, molds / tools) in an industrial plant.

Plant applications 

It positions them on an interior map of the plant (Indoor Mapping) without losing the global vision of the rest of the plants in the industry (logistics, distributed production, etc.).

This will allow companies to visualize the industrial space on a map and have all its assets located in real time. This innovative application is compatible with the rest of the smart applications of the company, allowing the exploitation of data.

In this way, by clicking on the asset on which you want to obtain information, you will be able to access its data, thus being able to easily manage all the assets of the plant.

It also allows the user to exploit the information collected in a more dynamic way, being able to carry out digital traceability of the products that are developed, as well as facilitating the maintenance of the plant (“Facility Management”).

Finally, the tool will allow the storage and processing of information on mobile assets to be able to exploit it later (forklifts, people, tools, parts, etc.).

GEOINMAP is able to exploit the geographical dimension of industrial physical spaces, together with data on the use and behavior of objects: machines, parts, and people, in a simple way, on a viewer and / or dashboard (control panel) .

Applications in BIM modeling

It also makes use of standards such as Building Information Modeling (BIM), which will provide the application with advanced tools for plant management. Building Information Modeling is a collaborative work methodology for the creation and management of projects, widely used today in the construction sector.

Its objective is to centralize all the information of the project in a digital information model created by all its agents. The BIM methodology involves the evolution of traditional design systems based on the plan (2D), since it incorporates geometric (3D), time (4D), cost (5D), environmental (6D) and maintenance (7D) information. ).

The use of BIM goes beyond the design phases, encompassing the execution of the project and extending throughout the life cycle of the building, allowing its management and reducing operating costs.

Thus, by combining BIM technology and the exploitation of geolocation data, GEOINMAP allows industrial companies to view and manage their plants in real time, having their assets located and connected at all times.

This will make it possible to have information in real time, to be able to make more efficient and agile decisions in less time, providing companies with greater competitiveness.

As can be seen, it is an innovative platform with great market potential, since digitization is a growing phenomenon that in the coming years will be fully implemented in all industrial environments.

GEOINMAP incorporates visual intelligence to Industry 4.0 to exploit the geographical dimension of industrial physical spaces, together with data on the use and behavior of objects (machines, parts and people).

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