Geograma at the Madrid 2022 Half Marathon

Geograma, present at the Madrid 2022 Half Marathon through cartography

Geograma has worked on the creation of a map for the Madrid 2022 Half Marathon website. Specifically, in the generation of the corresponding cartography so that runners and other attendees can attend the “Feria del Corredor” without any problems.

The Madrid 2022 Half Marathon will be held on Sunday 3 April in the streets of the Spanish capital, giving shape to an already traditional sports festival throughout the city, filling it with a sensational atmosphere generated by both the runners and the public who come to give them their encouragement during its 21 kilometre course.

Geograma is particularly proud to feel part of this key event in the Madrid and Spanish sporting calendar. All this thanks to our work in the elaboration of a zonal map of the Polideportivo Gallur, whose indoor athletics track will be the setting for the “Feria del Corredor” during the 1st and 2nd of April.

During this fair, different events will be held by the organisers and sponsors of the Half Marathon. It is also a must for runners, as they have to go there to pick up their race bib, as well as their T-shirt and runner’s bag.

How did we draw up the zonal map for the “Feria del Corredor” of the Madrid Half Marathon?

For this project, we started from the work already carried out for the creation of the zoning plans for the Madrid Regional Transport Consortium (CRTM). Specifically, the one drawn up for the area around the La Laguna Metro and Cercanías de La Laguna station.

It should be remembered that this work consisted basically of drawing up maps that presented all the useful information for public transport users (lines, services in the stations themselves, biciMAD and bicycle parking, etc.), as well as generating a cartography maintenance model that was as automated as possible.

When viewing this zonal map of La Laguna, we realised that it did not completely represent the area of interest, which was none other than the Gallur Sports Centre itself. In fact, not even the entire athletics track was shown, so the map had to be enlarged to the east.

An extension that would have to include the Gallur junction with Avenida Ángel Sanz Briz and Vía Carpetana, where the stops of EMT lines 17 and 25 are located, which would also have to be added to the plan.

Once the project has been completed, the result of which you can see in this link to the Madrid Half Marathon website, the runners and all those who want to visit the “Runner’s Fair” have a resource that will be of great help to them when it comes to finding their way around and being able to get there without any difficulty, whether by public transport, walking or any other means. Good luck and good luck to everyone!