Rediscover how Mobility is being changed in your city

In Europe, traffic of private vehicle on cities, represent a 35-70% of all modal distribution; this percentage represents a great impact on the infrastructures´ occupation and implies a detailed and continuous analysis to optimize and predict possible changes. The incursion of COVID-19 and its impact on mobility is still unknown, it makes us think that citizens will tend to use their own vehicle instead of shared transport. Indeed, there are relevant studies that support this theory.

Recently, RACE, the Drivers Observatory, published that 20% of users of public transport, will replace this means of transport by private cars, due to the pandemic. Other inquiries, carried out in China, confirm this reality. The entity Ipsos Consultant has surveyed more than 1,600 Chinese citizens and reveals that after the appearance of COVID-19 their travel habits have changed. Private cars are now the preferred form of transportation for two out of three Chinese citizens; representing twice as much as before pandemic.

In the city of Madrid, we are already reaching 75% of the levels of traffic compared to data from February 2020 and currently,  traffic jam rush hours occurs between 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm on weekdays. Then, the new normal, tends to a similar scenario to pre-covid, something that worries traffic managers.

Shared vehicles such as bicycle rental, car-sharing, electric vehicles, the use of public transport or pedestrian behaviors, while maintaining distance regulations, is the real challenge of Public Administrations, and to be promoted this needs, it is essential to know the reality of each city.

From Geograma we have developed services aimed to learn about this new normal, without enquiries to citizens or fixed sensor installations and over any area or section of your network and with immediate data deliveries. We offer:

  1. Traffic Studies, behavior of your urban and interurban network, based on historical averaged speed and travel times counted by floating vehicles (FCD), any time period, slot time and stretches of your network.
  2. Mobility analysis, travel counts and distribution percentages between zoning defined by yourself, based on our OD matrix.
  3. 24/7 monitoring of traffic information every 1 min. of your road segments in real time, to feed your control rooms and VMS panels of traffic data.
  4. Floating Population Reports, floating mass occupation, characterized by population profiles, based on mobile data.
  5. Access to our traffic viewer platform, GeoTraffic.

Discover all those services and pricing details, with all documentation we prepared exclusively for you and request a personalized webinar.