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Working with geographic information

Where are GIS and Location Intelligence solutions applied?

Geographic information is present in any business or public activity.

Therefore, we want to bring you a summary of the most relevant fields of application in which it influences.

How do we apply these solutions?

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Geograma Sectors

Geographic data is continuously generated, regardless of the sector in which you work. High value information that can contribute a lot to the evolution of your company or institution.

Discover the most relevant applications of these that we offer you from Geograma.

Public administration

Management of public resources that is effective, transparent and beneficial for all parties will require information of a geographic nature.

This, combined with technologies that are responsible for extracting the whole game, becomes a key piece to create environments that offer a better quality of life.


GIS and Location Intelligence solutions make the lives of citizens and customers easier. With its use, the management of public services and business activities is improved.

All thanks to the creation and improvement of the infrastructures involved, such as roads, urban networks, urban furniture, stations, airports, supply networks, telecommunications, etc.


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We manage to take full advantage of the most advanced technologies for the collection and processing of geographic data. Among them, we can count on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to process large amounts of information and extract valid deductions from them; Mobile Mapping technology to catalog different environments or the analysis of floating vehicle data or FCD to know the movements in detail.


Once we have reliable and correctly formatted and presented geographic data, it is time to interpret it. By providing the spatial context of the activity to be analyzed, it is easier to detect improvement opportunities for the business or for the Public Administration.

Management decisions based on geoinformation allow us to get more clients, be more productive, detect optimal locations, set routes and improve public services, among many other advantages.

AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction)

Internal geolocation (indoor mapping) and external (outdoor mapping) of all assets in all kinds of environments. Constructions, industrial plants, or buildings of all kinds can apply these solutions to their activity.

Digitized plans, measurements of spaces and pieces, BIM modeling… are some of the solutions we provide in this regard

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