GEOGRAMA - Geograma, incluida en el Hype Cycle de Gartner

Geograma included in the Gartner Cycle Hype about LiDAR Technology

Great news! From the prestigious international technology consultancy Gartner, Geograma has been named as an example of providers in the application of LiDAR technology for the development of solutions in the utilities sector. All this is reflected in the latest installment of its publication Hype Cycle for Utilities 2021, from which we take the following conclusions.

What is the Gartner Hype Cycle and what is it for?

Gartner’s Hype Cycle is an annual publication produced by this prestigious global consultancy where the degree of maturity of certain technologies that are potentially useful to solve problems in certain environments is studied.

These technologies are classified into 5 groups based on their level of maturity and adoption in which they are, progressing through them as time passes. These groups are:

  1. Technology Trigger: this is the early stage in which people start to talk a lot about this technology, generating great expectations around it. At this level it is very common that useful applications of this technology have not been developed.
  2. Peak of inflated expectations: the first associated success stories are beginning to emerge and some companies are beginning to adopt this technology.
  3. Trough of Disillusionment: the high interest of the previous stage declines as new applications of the technology do not appear.
  4. Slope of Enlightenment: companies are beginning to really understand the benefits of this technology for their operations. Investment in it takes off while new versions and enhancements are released.
  5. Plateau of Productivity: the adoption of this technology is generalized thanks to the results offered by its application in companies.

Therefore, by viewing the results of the Hype Cycle, both technology developers and companies considering its adoption have reliable information on their current situation. Something that will help them to discern key issues in their development and in the final decision to get it or not.

The Hype Cycle 2021 for utility management

On the part of public entities and private utilities companies, its correct administration represents a crucial moment in order to offer an improved service to citizens and an optimized management of resources. All of this complying with internal, regulatory and market requirements.

Since Gartner’s Hype Cycle 2021 there has been talk that public services and private companies are facing an overwhelming variety of promising technologies today, having to make key strategic decisions among all these investment options.

If they decide on technologies that are already mature, a solid performace at a reasonable cost is guaranteed. On the other hand, if they opt for more emerging technologies, they can accelerate their digitization process, but taking a greater risk in return.

GEOGRAMA - Geograma included in the Hype Cycle of Gartner

What place does LiDAR technology occupy in the Hype Cycle, what applications does it have and the mention of Geograma

What is LiDAR?

One of the technologies being considered in this Hype Cycle 2021 is LiDAR. Do you know what we are talking about? LiDAR stands for Light Detection and Ranging or Laser Imaging Detection and Ranging. Its operation is based on laser light to make measurements on surfaces.

To simplify, we can say that LiDAR is the laser equivalent of sonar operation. The laser pulse is sent to the surface, it bounces back and is detected by a specialized sensor. Depending on the time it takes to return, the position of the place on which it has affected will be determined. As a result, a point cloud is achieved.

What is LiDAR used for in utilities?

This technology has a very wide range of applications, such as in the field of surveying. In terms of utilities, it is useful in a variety of tasks.

For example, for electricity companies, it facilitates the understanding of the terrain to design new power lines or renewable energy installations, such as solar or wind farms (slopes, surfaces, floods, vegetation, definition of boundaries, etc.).

Related to water or gas companies, it is a resource that must be taken into account when it comes to remote surveillance and maintenance of the different networks of pipes and ducts.

LiDAR in the Hype Cycle 2021 for utilities and Geograma

LiDAR technology is in phase 2 of the Hype Cycle (Trough of Disillusionment). This means that, once high expectations have been created regarding it, it is very close to companies and the Public Administration beginning to be really aware of its advantages and to implement it in greater numbers.

Currently, according to this Gartner report, it is highly rated in terms of its benefits, with a market penetration among its target audience between 20% and 50%, and a degree of “teenager” maturity.

From Geograma we have been working with LiDAR for years to offer our clients precise and detailed information on the terrain. It is precisely this work that has made us be named by Gartner in its Hype Cycle 2021 on utilities as a provider specialized in this technology.

Remember that it is the second mention we receive from Gartner in a short time, as a few months ago we were included in their analysis on Indoor Mapping solutions.  

This is a source of pride and joy for us, as well as a further incentive to not stop in our efforts to continue offering improvements in all solutions that make use of LiDAR, as well as to continue researching for the development of completely new ones. We will inform you of all this through our usual channels, such as blogs and social media profiles (Twitter and LinkedIn). I see you there!

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