GEOGRAMA - Geolocation, football and music

Geolocation, football and music

Geolocation is not a simple compilation of data. In fact, it can be surprising how much value we can get out of it. In this article, we share with you very illustrative cases about geolocation in relation to the most common entertainments, such as music and sports events.

Geolocation and people’s interests are closer than you might think. You probably have the idea that the location that our mobile devices register “only” reflects your position. You might also think that geolocation is just data. As we’ll explain to you in this article, that’s very different.

From here, we’ll see how geolocation helps us understand the context and gives us valuable information. In order to do this, we’ll analyze a concert and a sports event.

What valuable conclusions can be reached with the location in concerts and sports events?

We can figure it out with two simple exercises. In the first one, we superimpose the positions (that have not been modified, at least, in 30 minutes) with the geolocated concert schedule. In this way, the musical tastes of a specific individual could be almost immediately extracted.

GEOGRAMA - Geolocation, football and music

The same happens if we compare the location of the attendants to the geolocated sports event schedule, checking the persons that attend the stadium every day that a certain team plays.

It’s possible to go even further because, in open spaces such as stadiums, the precision of the location systems is higher. This makes it easier to know the purchasing power of any person, only by knowing if he’s located in the hen house or the box.

It can also be deduced if a person is a staff member since he remains next to the box most of the time. Another fact that can be related to the power of acquisition is if the person goes to see their team when they play abroad. It also shows its loyalty to the sports team.

At a relative level, it’s possible to measure the increase or decrease in those attending stadiums or concerts over a period of time. With all this information, it is easier to understand why there are so many free applications and games for mobile devices, as long as they are used to know users locations.

In addition to being personally aware of everything we are offering when the location in our telephones is activated (you can configure it in the “privacy” section), the truth is that knowing where our assets and company resources are, both indoors and outdoors, can offer something very valuable: context.

If you would like to know how to access this information and use it to increase your company’s efficiency, contact us. From Geograma we’ll offer you the solution you need for your specific situation.