Geogram at the Geospatial Forum 2022

Geograma, protagonist at the Geospatial Forum 2022 in Amsterdam

The Geospatial Forum 2022, held in Amsterdam, was an event that we made the most of and from which we returned very satisfied with all the results achieved, as well as meeting old friends and great professionals from the sector. An event that consolidates Geograma as a key player in the European ecosystem of GIS and geospatial information. We will tell you all about it. 

Geospatial World Forum (GWF) 2022

The Geospatial World Forum (GWF) has been a leading gathering of the geospatial industry for more than 10 years, connecting professionals from around the world and bringing them closer together.

More than 1500 participants, representing more than 700 public and private organisations from over 70 countries, who for 3 days covered topics of great interest and topicality, especially related to the theme of this edition: Geography and Humanity.

This theme covers the historical relevance of the geospatial profession, its current value and its future direction. This led to a discussion on the interaction between geography and humanity with respect to environmental, social and economic sustainability.

How did Geograma participate in the GWF 2022?

As you can see, Geograma had a lot to contribute to the GWF. Here is a summary of our activity at the event.

Firstly, we were present at the closed meeting of members of EUROGI (European Umbrella Organisation for Geographic Information), of which Geograma is a member, with our CEO, Alejandro Guinea, participating in the Executive Committee.

Alejandro is responsible for the communication portfolio, so he presented the annual report and the plan for the next period, aimed at compiling and disseminating the added value of geographic information in the most urgent challenges facing Europe in the short term.

Executive Committee de EUROGI

On the other hand, we also took part in the Breakfast Roundtable on Open Data. In it, Alejandro focused on the importance of the FAIR principles (findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable) for users and companies of open geospatial data. All this in front of the world’s leading software manufacturers and data providers, several cadastre and mapping agencies, and the EuroGeographics association.

We also attended the Session on Geospatial Green Deal & Digital Earth Alliance at GWF 2022 Conference, organised by EUROGI. There, we discussed how to lead the necessary training so that professionals are prepared to meet the needs in terms of geographic information management.

Finally, the roundtable of the United Nations Committee on Global Geospatial Information Management, UN-GGIM, Roundtable on Public Private Partnership at GWF 2022 Conference. Where the public-private partnership was analysed to generate value with geospatial information that both parties cannot generate separately.

Roundtable on Public Private Partnership

Undoubtedly, a few days of high intensity that bore much fruit and that motivate us to continue contributing to the construction of a better society for all, with geographic information as a fundamental instrument to achieve it. Will you join us?