Geograma y el deslinde de parcelas rústicas en Mendaro

Geograma will delimit the plots on rural land in Mendaro

The Town Council of the municipality of Gipuzkoa trusts our team to carry out these demarcation works, which are the continuation of those already carried out in 2021 and which will mean the completion of this task, covering 100% of the territory of the municipality.

The aim of these topographic actions is to clarify and correct any possible errors that may exist in the boundaries and to give an exact GPS location to the boundaries themselves and the corresponding boundary markers.

This avoids confusion that can have very negative repercussions for everyone, such as the forest not being properly cared for because the responsibilities of each owner are not defined.

At the end of the project, a total of 155 plots of rural land covering an area of 637 hectares will have been demarcated.

Furthermore, the owners will have in their possession the plans with the marked boundaries and the coordinates of each boundary marker, including the corresponding correction of the cadastre, if necessary.

We must also emphasise that this is a project for which we need the essential collaboration of the citizens of Mendaro. This is because the owners must agree the boundaries with the adjoining owners, as well as clear them and locate the boundary markers. 

Geograma would like to thank Mendaro Town Council for the trust they have placed in us to carry out this topographic survey. We will continue to inform you about this project through our usual means.