Geograma team

The whole Geograma family meets for an unforgettable day out

The entire Geograma team recently celebrated a get-together that served to further strengthen the professional and personal bonds that unite us, as well as to introduce you to our new offices and to close ranks around the goals we have set ourselves. As we consider you to be one of us, we’ll tell you all about the day.

A few days ago, we had a day in Vitoria-Gasteiz that we will remember for a long time at Geograma. At last, after the break forced by the pandemic, each and every one of the members of the team met in the same place.

Colleagues from Munich, Seville, Madrid and Malaga came to the presentation of Geograma’s new offices and to attend and participate in a meeting that combined professionalism with entertainment and, of course, good food.

It was a day when many colleagues were able to meet face-to-face for the first time, beyond the computer screen and in a very different atmosphere to that of a video call meeting.

The visit to our new headquarters was accompanied by an informal session in which we took the opportunity to catch up on the experiences and advances of each team, as well as on the trends that are currently shaping the GIS ecosystem. All of this in order to offer the best solutions and results to our customers and partners.  

To end on a high note, our colleague Juanmi, who is an excellent Business Development Manager and chef, delighted us with a delicious typical Basque menu which we savoured in the best possible company in an unbeatable atmosphere.  

We are very much looking forward to meeting again, this meeting has served as a further impetus to keep moving forward to offer an innovative and unique experience to the whole of society based on geolocated information. Let’s get to it!